Erdington Schools Collaboration

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Where everyone has something to give and everyone has something to learn

About us

As a Collaboration, together WE will:


* Promote accountability and responsibility within an ethos of support and challenge.

* Create a safe, secure and happy environment where individuals thrive and experience success.

* Lead every member of the community to engage on a journey of continuous improvement building upon previous best.

* Support every individual to become confident, independent, lifelong learners.

* Develop an inclusive environment which fosters shared values and mutual respect.

* Provide equality of opportunity.

* Foster a sense of pride in our local community.


The main aims of working together in this way are to enhance continual school improvement, foster community pride and secure the best possible outcomes for the children of Erdington. Further benefits include: financial savings through the shared procurement of goods and services; joint training opportunities; smoother transition for pupils from Nursery through the primary phases.